Back Pain Treatment in LA. Get Access To The Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Los Angeles, California!

Back Pain treatment

Best Lower Back Pain treatment in LA.

Every year, more than 2.5 million Americans avail emergency treatments after sudden injuries. Many of them start experiencing neck and back pain later which is quote common.

Some statistics estimate the incidence of lower back pain at 50% to 75%. A visit to a recognized Treatment Center like ours is the best way to treat lower back pain.

Diagnosing Your Back Pain Problem

The lower back and cervical spine are very sensitive areas and most vulnerable to injury in an accident. A sudden jerk and strain on your body can easily injure your lower back during a crash and may cause prolonged back pain. Therefore, you must get a proper diagnosis done by a skilled auto injury physician immediately.

Even if you don’t experience any pain immediately, it is still important to get a medical diagnosis done right away. Get MRI scans, tomography, and discography to examine the presence and extent of damage to your lower back and spine and avoid developing any long-lasting pain afterward.

Non-Drug, Non-Invasive Treatments for Back Pain

Conventional treatments for disc damage include anti-inflammatory medications, epidural injections, surgery, and more. At Central Healthcare Center, Dr.Joseph Hakimi and his experienced staff are dedicated to providing non-drug, non-invasive treatments to treat back pain. By making chiropractic adjustments, we can adjust your body to release pressure and strain in the areas where you feel the pain. This treatment allows your body to release naturally occurring anti-inflammatories that enable quick healing.

If you have been involved in an accident and are suffering from back pain, call us at (213) 984-4575 to seek immediate medical attention and proper treatment.

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