Can A Chiropractor In Los Angeles Treat Groin Pain?

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Can A Los Angeles Chiropractor Help With Groin Pain?

Are you too suffering from a painful pulling sensation in your inner thigh muscle while doing any sort of physical activity? If yes, then it can be an indication of groin pain.

Relying upon those pain killers to get temporary relief can’t suffice to heal that chronic pain in the groin. Such musculoskeletal issues demand proper rehabilitation to promote long-lasting healing for treating musculoskeletal injuries,

Chiropractic treatment for releasing groin pain entails various therapeutic techniques such as the Graston technique, Active Release Technique, physical therapy, and Kinesio Taping. 

  1. These techniques neutralize the pain from its core. It also leads to improved blood circulation to the injured adductors that further accelerate the healing process, thereby quickly helping the injured groin recuperate its range of motion and strength quickly.
  1. The groin is located at the area of the intersection point that marks the ending of the abdomen and the beginning of the legs. Five muscles together make the groin area and support various movements of the legs. These are:
  • Adductor Brevis
  • Adductor longus
  • Adductor Magnus
  • Gracilis
  • Pectineus
  1. In most cases, groin pain gets triggered owing to a muscle, tendon, or ligament strain. Out of the five muscles that function in the groin area, the Adductor Longus is the most vulnerable muscle to suffer from a tear or a strain that leads to that chronic groin pain.
  1. Athletes playing hockey, soccer, and football are more likely to experience a groin strain. The swift moments that the nature of the game demands sometimes causes the adductor muscles of either leg to get stretched and contracted simultaneously. 
  1. This exerts immense stress on the sensitive groin muscles. Eventually, the shooting pain begins. Often, the repercussions of the pain start bothering within 1-2 weeks. 
  1. Yet another potential cause of groin strain is muscle imbalance. Unequal distribution of strength among the muscles of both legs causes either of them to bear more pressure. 
  1. When the overactivated muscle group fails to cope-up with that extra stress to compensate for the inadequacies of the adjacent weak muscle group, the adductors muscles of the former leg stumble to muscle tears or strains, thus leading to a groin injury.
  1. Some less common yet major causes of groin injury are:
  • Testicular inflammation
  • Pinched nerves
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Inguinal hernia
  • Ovarian cysts
  1. Gulping pain killers and tablets will do next to nothing to heal the strain in the groin. Visiting a chiropractor should be your next move for better and lasting results.
  1. As mentioned above, various therapeutic techniques are carried out by chiropractors to gear up the healing process. So let’s spread some light on them.
  1. Graston Technique is the first option most chiropractors will resort to during the treatment.  In this technique, the healing process is expedited by improving blood circulation to the injured or overstressed adductors muscles. 
  1. Increased blood circulation increases the supply of oxygen level in the injured area. This eventually breaks up the adhesions and heals the scars in the muscles or tendons/ligaments.
  1. Active release technique focuses on two aspects of the healing process:
  • Treatment of the injured adductor muscle
  • Recuperating the muscle movement and motion
  1. It usually targets increasing the length of the damaged tissue. Simultaneously, the patient is also made to perform certain movements such as stretching. This allows the healed muscle to regain its lost elasticity and flexibility. 
  1. This technique is cherry-picked by most chiropractors while treating an athlete from a groin strain or an injury. Also, stretching further mollifies the stiffness developed in the injured area owing to prolonged muscle inflammation or inactive state.
  1. Physical therapy is also among the highly effective treatment options to accelerate recovery. The dexterous hands of chiropractors play a significant role in this particular treatment plan.
  1. A massage therapy mitigates the excessive muscle stress/tension in the groin region due to the injury. Complimented by heat or cold therapy, it lends results quickly and usually leaves the patients amazed by the miraculous effects of chiropractic treatment. 
  1. Kinesio technique is yet another chiropractic technique to treat groin injury. It serves to stabilize and support the joints, thereby facilitating healing. Alike other techniques, it also improves the blood circulation to suffice adequate oxygen supply to the injured region.
  1.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of a wrong move that causes injury or a strain in the groin region. Overlooking groin pain can deteriorate the condition dramatically. Chiropractic treatment promises an effective and quick recovery from that sore groin pain.


An injured groin destabilizes the entire lower body. Continual denial may lead to an even worsen situation. 

Chiropractic treatment offers a fruitful recovery from that chronic groin pain. Also, being completely devoid of medications leaves behind no side effects. Thus, it provides a long-lasting and optimum recovery.

Book an appointment with the best chiropractor in Los Angeles to get rid of your groin pain.

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