Can Massage Therapy Reduce Headaches?

Can Massage therapy reduce headache pain

Headaches can feel like a constricting ache at the back of the neck that wraps around your skull. You get the feeling that you’ve been carrying an oversized invisible headband, and you desire it would just shatter in halves.

You were stressed well before the outset, and then as the invisible ring tightens, you become much more worried.

You may lie down to relax because rest is beneficial to almost everything. Nonetheless, if somehow the headache is caused by sore neck muscles, a little relaxation won’t be enough to relieve the pain.

You might take pain relievers, but it won’t help you deal with the tension that created and/or accompanied the aching.

Well, what’s a natural technique to get rid of a headache? It’s a massage!

1. Massage therapy for tension headaches is among the most relaxing and effective therapies available. Treatment for headaches with therapeutic massage likewise works wonderfully as a preventative measure, allowing you to go about your daily routine without feeling strained.

2. Headache Massages are an effective way to treat headaches. To relieve a headache, it’s critical to relieve tension in the neck, head, as well as shoulders, stretch out stiff and shortened muscles, and eliminate trigger points.

3. A surge of oxygen and nutrients is indeed delivered by increasing blood flow. Improved circulation encourages the evacuation of toxins or waste products that have piled up in the body, which also will help to alleviate symptoms.

4. Managing tension headaches and migraines with frequent headache massage is also quite beneficial. Promoting good muscles and reducing mental as well as physical stress can assist to minimize the severity and frequency of headaches.

5. There are four different forms of headaches, all of which would benefit from massage therapy.

  • Migraine headaches are genetic and can be diagnosed using a variety of criteria.
  • Tension headaches are brought on by muscle tension mostly in the head and face.
  • Cluster headaches are recurrent headaches that primarily affect men and have no recognized etiology.
  • Sinus congestion or pathogens are the most common causes of sinus headaches.

6. While there may be considerable overlap in the best strategies for each type of headache, let’s go over each one individually and detail the best therapy.

7. Migraine: A migraine is perhaps the most agonizing headache, making you want to put on a sleep mask. Massage is a healthy substitute for medications when they aren’t enough.

8. Migraines are a neurological condition caused by a malfunction in the sympathetic nervous system, which would be responsible for the body’s automatic response to stress or threat.

9. Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system, often recognized as the rest – and digest system, by stimulating nerve receptors. The ideal migraine massage may differ from one person to another.

10. Regardless of which method the patient prefers, whether it’s Swedish, Deep Tissue, or something else, the parasympathetic system will take precedence over the dysfunctioning sympathetic system.

11. Tension headache: Stiffness in the neck or scalp muscles is a common cause of such headaches. Stress, despair, and worry are common causes of tight neck and scalp muscles.

12. Tension headaches might subsequently lead to an increase in stress, despair, and worry. It’s a vicious circle.

13. Your most neglected muscles are gradually becoming much tenser. Allow your therapist to split up harmful adhesions and provide relief.

14. Don’t fail to notice the delicate nerve endings that run throughout your head. Feel-good hormones are absorbed and stress is released whenever your hair follicles are gently rubbed.

15. Furthermore, stress isn’t always buried in your cranial muscles. Whenever you scowl or clench your teeth when you’re anxious, your face muscles hold a lot of tension as well.

16. Facial massage relaxes the mind and relieves tension in the jaw muscles, as well as addressing anguish pressure points.

17. Cluster Headaches: Although we previously stated that migraines are the most painful sort of headache, a migraine coupled with yet another kind of headache makes it sound uneasy.

18. Cluster headaches could be caused by a variety of factors, none of which are known for certain.

19. With severe eye pain as well as nasal congestion, among many other annoyances, they become even more despicable. They also tend to recur over a few months or years, although being shorter in length than migraines.

20. Massage’s pain-relieving hormones would certainly provide relief for this form of headache, as they will for any sort of pain.

21. It’s generally advisable to proceed with a massage that the patient considers the most calming, much like with migraine massage therapy.

22. Sinus and Allergy Headaches: A lymphatic drainage massage helps with each of these headaches. A lymphatic massage that primarily targets the face and neck lymph nodes.

23. A lymphatic massage treating sinus and allergy headaches would begin with the face or neck, using slow and soft motions.

24. The lymph nodes around the mandibular angle are where the strokes would cease. Whenever you’re unwell, your lymphatic system plays an important role.

25. The lymph will do its best to transport the waste items that cause pain throughout your body, but somehow it might need a little help.

26. The lymph must transport the waste items to the lymph nodes for neutralization, and massage strokes can direct the lymph to them.

27. So, to accelerate your recovery, have a lymphatic massage and ask that headache to just go elsewhere.

28. Massage treatment for headaches has a lot of benefits. These include,

  • Stress headaches, sleep disorders, and anxiety symptoms are reduced.
  • Reduces the likelihood of stress-induced migraines by allowing one to sustain a state of relaxation plus stress alleviation.
  • Massage could help with headaches by reducing muscle contractions or triggered points.


Now that you know what to do next after experiencing a headache, you won’t have to tolerate the pain anymore.

The expert massage therapists in Los Angeles at CRM Wellness will make sure to treat and give you the best massage for your headache.

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