Chiropractic Treatment Options In most cases, chiropractic treatment for injuries is the go to method to facilitate pain relief and strengthening of weakened areas due to the injury.

While a lot of the treatments can be carried out at home, knowing what to do when is most critical. In other cases, visiting a chiropractor is unavoidable because, although these treatments normally don’t involve the use of medication and machines, if done wrong, could result in irreparable damage.

A lot of the treatments mentioned below can be done in conjunction with other forms of medical treatments like physiotherapy or massage therapy and with adequate dietary supplements as well.

Types of Chiropractic Treatment :
Electrical stimulation

Chiropractic Treatment Options Mainly complimenting the recovery process of any injury, electrical stimulation is a form of treatment where electrical current is passed through affected muscles. The muscles react to this current by contracting and thereby relieving pain. Additionally, this method helps in reducing swelling by a large percent, and also promotes strengthening and toning of the muscles.

Heat and ice Treatment

Ice is used for injuries where there is visible swelling or inflammation. The cold temperature helps in reducing the swelling by restricting the flow of blood in the area. This is perfect for sprains, strains or external bruises.

Applying heat opens up the blood vessels further to allow an increased and free flow. This should therefore be used to treat body aches and to relieve stiffness.

Important: Never use ice directly on the skin or for too long in the same area or it can result in skin, tissue or even nerve damage; and never use heat at such high temperatures that it burns the skin.

Relaxation techniques

Stress has a way of showing up in the most unpleasant manners. The body begins to communicate it in the form of headaches, insomnia, exhaustion etc. This is because the inner functioning of the body is undergoing tough times with muscles becoming tense, the spine losing alignment, and overall loss of concentration and productivity. Chiropractic treatments help to reduce this tension and restore calm, and smooth functioning within.

Rehabilitative and general exercises

Every time the body suffers an injury or is in pain, it is a sign that something is not right. Chiropractic care, as a treatment independently or in conjunction with other forms of treatment helps to target the source of the problem and solve the symptoms. This form of treatment helps rehabilitate the strength and functioning of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and even bones through specific stretching, training and exercises among-st other things.

Lifestyle counseling for musculoskeletal health

Our Musculoskeletal system is the system responsible for any form of movement in our bodies. Driven by both the conscious and subconscious mind, this system comprises the bones, muscles and everything that connects the two (for example ligaments, tendons etc.) Injuries in this system including joint pains leads to the dysfunction of that part and over time, the body adapts to it, leading to permanent damage or chronic pain. Chiropractic care helps to get rid of the problem by targeting the root cause of it before it is too late.

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