Are you suffering from chronic pain or injury? ​

We have an expert team of chiropractors who will diagnose your condition and offer tailored programs to heal your pain.

Escape Your Pain with CRM Wellness Center's Proven Chiropractic Treatment

CRM Wellness is the leading center of professional chiropractors in Los Angeles who provide top-notch Chiropractic Treatments.

Are you someone suffering from chronic pain or injury?

Are you someone suffering from chronic pain or injury? 

You are super-lucky to have made it here because CRM Wellness Center offers not just exceptional treatments to your problems but also analyzes each visitor uniquely. 

Doing this helps our expert Los Angeles Chiropractors to give effective tailored treatments that guarantee pain relief in non-surgical and pain-free ways. 

We use the latest chiropractic equipment and technology which enables us to diagnose the exact source of the pain of the patient. 

As a result, a condition-specific holistic treatment regimen is given to every patient.


These chiropractic therapies easily recover issues like,

Expert Chiropractors

CRM Wellness Center has the Top Los Angeles Chiropractors and holds the position of leading health and wellness center in Los Angeles.

With a strong experience of 25 years, Dr. Joseph Hakimi has successfully excelled in restoring the spinal motion of all his patients and his treatments have always been of top-notch standards. 

Along with him, Dr. Sidney Yadidi also contributes to the faster recovery of his patients with proven techniques of chiropractic treatment.  

Excellent Reviews…………………………………………………………………………………………..

I was diagnosed with sciatica and eventually felt sharp pain tingling down my leg every day. After consulting the experts at CRM Wellness Center, they recommended going for physiotherapy that ultimately was the fix to my pain. Also, they guided me with movements that should be done and avoided during my day-to-day chores.

By Christina M

( Culver City

, CA


I was suffering from chronic back pain for a long time. Dr. Joseph Hakimi diagnosed my condition and was able to figure out the origin of my pain and we proceeded with his chiropractic therapies. After a few regular sessions, I could see the difference in my range of motion and improved functionality. His expertise is much appreciated.

By Katrina M

( Glendale

, CA


CRM Wellness Center provides massage therapy based on the individual’s lifestyle. Since I had a sedentary lifestyle, they considered giving me a Swedish massage that was total bliss. I felt super-relaxed and the tension in muscles had eased. I would love to take more such relaxing sessions.

By Maria G

( Alhambra

, CA


Very professional and invasive chiropractic office. The doctor is very friendly and had great insight on the proper care and procedures necessary for my treatment. Both my attorney and I were happy with the outcome of my recovery and the effectiveness of the office in terms of communications with the insurance company of the other persons who I was involved in a car accident with and also with my attorney.

By Sam R.

( West Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Hakimi is an amazing chiro! The staff is very friendly and very organized. My case got settled with him so I Highly recommend him. The office itself is in an amazing location. Parking was a breeze!

By Simon H

( West Los Angeles, CA


Considering the professional treatment I got at CRM Wellness, it was really surprising to know that bulging disc issues can be treated without medications and in pain-free ways. Dr. Sidney Yadidi used effective chiropractic therapies to provide maximum relief and reduce lower back pain.

By Sofia S

( Downey

, CA


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