For How Much Period Physiotherapy Exercises Are To Be Done In Case Of Hip Replacement?

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Hip Replacement is the surgery carried out on the hip where the worn-out joint or the damaged hip joint is replaced. Hip replacement is the last resort for patients and several different treatments are carried out before going for hip replacement.

  1. Generally, this surgery is carried out because of the severe hip pain due to arthritis or due to hip fracture.

2. After the hip replacement is done, physiotherapy is the first thing that is prescribed to the patient so that he/she gets back to normal movement soon.

3. The NHS recommends that patients should at least take 6 months of physiotherapy exercises after the hip replacement surgery.

4. With that being said, it is also important to check the progress of the patient individually since the recovery time for every individual may not be the same.

5. After undergoing hip surgery, it is crucial to take physiotherapy to avoid any risks or complications further. It helps to make the joint functional again and restores it.

6. Physiotherapy exercise drives the patient to do the right movements after the surgery due to which the patient becomes confident enough to move. The right rehabilitation after surgery is undoubtedly important.

7. It is seen in patients that they often end up in more pain after surgery if the right rehabilitation regime is not followed.

8. The goal of hip replacement surgery is that the damaged parts of the hip are replaced. This allows the patient to continue his/her daily movements in a pain-free manner.

9. But to get back to daily movements, those movements have to be practiced and that happens with physiotherapy exercises.

10. After the surgery, the physiotherapist diagnoses the patient’s condition and according to that creates a plan of physiotherapy exercises.

11. The physiotherapist makes sure that the exercise that is chosen for the patient fulfills the goal of strength, balance, and reduced risk of falls. 

12. Ensuring all these factors makes it easy for the patient to gain the confidence that they need to get back to normal joint function.

13. Physiotherapy exercises generally include resistance and aerobic exercises. These work towards improving the range of movement of the joint.

14. Hydrotherapy is offered to patients in which the patient performs the exercises in warm water that makes the movement easier.

15. The period of physiotherapy required after a hip replacement also depends on factors like age and gender. According to a study, it is observed that elderly people need more physiotherapy to get back to normal motion.

16. The physiotherapy routine is divided into four parts: therapeutic training, transfer training, gait training, and instruction in activities of the day-to-day routine. The exercises are started within 5 days of the hip operation.

17. Sometimes, physiotherapy is also carried out before the operation. This is called preoperative rehabilitation.

18. During post-operative physiotherapy exercises, initially, your physiotherapist can include activities like walking, climbing stairs, transferring to bed, and certain muscle strengthening exercises that will support the patient to stand and walk independently. 

19. Once you start carrying out these activities and exercises independently, the physiotherapist might take a step forward along with your progress.

20. The further sessions will mainly focus on increasing the range of motion, stretching, and weight-bearing exercises. All these exercises work towards bringing the function back to the highest level.

21. Moving ahead, your physical therapy will target activity-specific exercises. Activities like pushing, pulling, lifting and agility exercises will all be a part of your physical therapy program.

22. All these exercises will continue at least for 6-8 weeks based on how much progress you make.

23. So a combination of strengthening, mobility, and balance exercises can boost up the overall recovery process and restore the normal functioning of your hip.


Hip Replacement is major surgery and its results can only be seen if proper physical therapy is continued.

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