How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Scoliosis

chiropractic treatment for scoliosis

Scoliosis is generally referred to as a curvature in the spine. This curvature grows during puberty and the rapid growth during that age can have an impact on the shape of the spine.

The exact cause of scoliosis is still unknown but this condition is often associated with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. The symptoms of scoliosis go unnoticed but once it reaches an extent, the pain becomes unbearable.

The common symptoms of scoliosis are: 

  • Uneven waist 
  • Unevenness in shoulders
  • One of the hips tends to be higher
  • Chiropractic treatment can indeed be useful for managing scoliosis pain. Although chiropractic adjustments cannot completely fix scoliosis, taking chiropractic adjustments can help in maintaining the right posture of the spine, spinal alignment and in turn reduce the pain.
  • Here’s why chiropractic treatment can support in providing relief from scoliosis pain:
  1. Treating the pain: People struggling with scoliosis pain also have other related pain or discomfort. This is generally seen as a pain in the neck, shoulders, numbness in your limbs, and headaches too.

2. Chiropractic adjustments can treat all these conditions as they eliminate the subluxations from the joints.

3. Since the goal of chiropractic adjustments is to improve the spinal alignment, all adjustments together work in tandem to relieve pain.

4. So all other associated discomfort from scoliosis can be treated with chiropractic treatment.

5. Zero Medications: Scoliosis patients are often prescribed medicines by their doctors. Gulping down medicines without any relief in the pain can be frustrating.

6. Chiropractic treatment plans are drug-free and they do not recommend taking any medications for treating the pain. That’s exactly why chiropractic adjustments are chosen over numerous other alternatives.

7. Moreover, chiropractic adjustments do make a difference in the pain and reduce it.

8. Non-invasive: For some patients with extreme pain, the doctor might advise surgery. During these times instead of going to the last resort, trying to manage pain with chiropractic care can be beneficial.

9. As chiropractic work does not involve any surgeries, it is much more safe, affordable, and effective.

10. Effective Adjustments: Chiropractic adjustments for scoliosis normally involve re-centering the head and spine and bringing it back to its natural curve.

11. While treating a scoliosis patient, the patient is asked to sit and with an adjusting instrument, gentle but precise pressure is applied on the bones of the neck.

12. The pressure applied works to coax the neck into the right position. Similarly, these adjustments are performed on the back and hips.

13. The X-Ray reports often help in deciding the area of adjustments based on the measurements of the spine.

14. Chiropractic Exercises for Scoliosis: Apart from chiropractic adjustments, the chiropractor also suggests a few exercises that support relieving scoliosis pain.

15. Scoliosis exercises generally include balance training and training for strength. In extreme cases where the pain is intense, a scoliosis traction chair is used to stretch the spine and uncoil the nerves with vibration.


Chiropractic Care for scoliosis has proved effective for numerous patients and they have noticed a reduction in their pain. 

Indeed, this non-invasive way of treating such extreme pain is a boon for people struggling with it.

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