How Chiropractic Treatment Is Used To Treat Neck Pain

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The neck is considered the pillar that supports the head.

In our busy lives, we often tend to ignore the postures of our neck due to intensive screen-time and keeping our neck in the same position for hours. 

This causes neck issues and eventually leads to neck pain. Chiropractic treatment is a great way of treating this neck pain effectively. 

  1. Chiropractic adjustments, especially neck adjustments called cervical manipulation, are the most effective chiropractic adjustment used to treat neck pain. 
  1. The neck is called the cervical spine that supports the head that weighs around 12 pounds. This cervical spine starts at the bottom of the skull and contains seven vertebrae. These vertebrae consist of intervertebral discs in between them. 
  1. The cervical skeleton has a quite flexible structure but at the same time, it is highly vulnerable to injuries and pain. It is equally important as the spinal column. 
  1. Neck pain can be caused due to various reasons like,
  • Muscle Spasms 
  • Incorrect Cervical Posture
  • Pinched nerves 
  • The strain on the neck due to various factors
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Herniated Discs
  1. During the diagnosis of neck pain, the chiropractor will take a few neurological and physical exams for the neck to check posture, motion, and physical condition. 
  1. Any curvature, misalignment, spasms will be noted by the chiropractor. These tests will help to determine your muscle strength, nerve changes, pain in other parts of the body, etc. 
  1. Also, if necessary the chiropractor might need to check a few tests like the MRI or X-Ray reports. The MRI tests support in highlighting any bulging cervical discs and herniations, Whereas, the X-Ray reports show any fractures, bone spurs, arthritis, etc. 
  1. If there is nerve damage, you might need to take up electromyography to measure the rate at which the nerves respond. 
  1. Once the chiropractor has diagnosed and figured out the cause of your neck pain, a chiropractic program with the appropriate chiropractic neck adjustments is planned and the treatment is started.
  1. Here are a few chiropractic neck adjustments that are used to treat neck pain: 
  • Cervical Mobilization:
  • Cervical Manual Traction
  • Cervical Drop Technique
  • Cervical Manipulation 
  1.  Cervical Mobilization: 
  • During this adjustment, the chiropractor moves the vertebra of the neck from left to right while the patient is lying on the back. Resembling a shape of 8, the chiropractor uses a side-to-side motion that is applied at various angles. 
  • This gives a non-thrust type of smooth stretch to the rigidness of the neck, thus improving neck mobility. Oscillations are also sometimes used during the procedure. 
  1. Cervical Manual Traction: 
  • The manual traction procedure includes the patient lying or sitting face-up. Here, the chiropractor gently pulls the neck and stretches the cervical spine with tolerable flexion and extension. 
  • This helps to find the right position to reduce the tightness in the neck. 
  1. Cervical Drop Technique:
  • A special type of cervical drop-table is used to make the neck adjustment in this technique. During the procedure, the patient lies down on their stomach. 
  • The chiropractor applies low amplitude thrusts of medium velocity on the spinal segment. 
  • This pressure is gradually increased until the drop section of the neck where the neck is placed drops down and travels a short distance. 
  • The goal of the cervical drop technique is to reduce the restricted motion of the neck. 
  1. Cervical Manipulation:
  • In this technique, the chiropractor applies high-velocity low amplitude thrusts over the cervical spine. 
  • Along with neck pain, this treatment also reduces conditions like muscle-tension headaches and migraines.


Taking regular chiropractic care is crucial since delaying it leads to getting the situation more complicated. Chiropractic care for the neck not only treats neck pain but also teaches you to practice the right postures while doing daily activities. 

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