How Deep Tissue Massage Helps To Treat Neck Stiffness And Pain?

How Deep Tissue Massage Helps To Treat Neck Stiffness And Pain?

Having a stiff and achy neck can be quite daunting. Not only it disturbs your entire body posture but also causes a lot of uneasiness.

From getting a sudden jerk to having a wrong body posture, there could be multiple causes behind those pangs of stiffness in the neck.

A deep tissue massage can be a great way to get rid of that sore and stiff neck.

Deep tissue massage involves applying deep strokes and friction on the neck to target deep layers of muscles and connective tissues.

The swift and deep strokes provide instant relief from chronic neck pain by releasing tension between the muscles.

1. For the body to perform any sort of physical activity, the role of the neck holds utmost significance.

2. Even a slight pain in the neck can abstain the body from carrying out any physical function.

3. In most cases, undue pressure on the spinal cord or misalignment of muscle near the upper traps or in the neck itself is what leads to pain and stiffness in the neck.

4. The following can be cited as potential causes:

  • Sitting in a bad posture for a long time
  • Uncomfortable sleeping position
  • Lifting something heavy with a jerk
  • Having a wrong form or technique during a workout

5. Most people nowadays have developed a habit of working with their shoulders hunched and head leaning forward.

6. Such a posture exerts intense pressure on the spine traveling upwards towards the brain through the neck.

7. To counterbalance the gravity pull due to the forward head, the neck muscles have to overwork. As a result, muscle tension gets build-up that eventually causes neck pain.

8. While treating the neck pain using deep tissue massage, the massage therapist will use his fingertips and palm to exert deep and sustained pressure on the area where muscles have become tight and stiff in the neck.

9. Apart from neck muscles, deep pressure is also applied to the trapezius as well the upper back.

10. This is because pain and stiffness in the neck also develop muscle tension in these areas.

11. The deep pressure would reduce the inflammation in soft tissues of muscles that have got stiff.

12. The sustained pressure would also improve the blood circulation that would further accelerate the healing process.

13. Better blood circulation will facilitate an ample supply of oxygen to the damaged muscles tissues.

14. With every stroke applied by the massage therapist, the muscle tension will keep on releasing from the neck.

15. Alleviation in muscle tension would also reduce stiffness in the neck muscles.

16. Deep tissue massage provides relief from stiffness and also fosters better mobility in the neck muscles.

17. With increased flexibility and mobility, muscles can expand properly. This will reduce the chances of these muscles suffering from any potential injury or pain in the future.

18. Besides treating neck pain owing to a wrong sitting posture, deep tissue massage can also help athletes and bodybuilders to get relief from a stiff neck.

19. Athletes and bodybuilders could suffer neck pain owing to:

  • Excess formation of lactic acid during training
  • Overtraining
  • Improper form and technique while working out

20. By mitigating inflammation in muscle tissues, deep tissue massage promotes prompt recovery from neck pain among athletes and bodybuilders.

21. In the case of sports injuries, neck muscles suffer more damage than normal jerks. As the severity of the injury is more, the intensity of applying pressure is also high while treating neck injuries in athletes and bodybuilders.

22. A single session of deep tissue massage usually lasts somewhere between 60-90 minutes. Like other forms of massage, deep tissue massage also pacifies the mind by reducing stress levels.

23. For the deep tissue massage to show its efficacy, the patient needs to adhere to some rules:

  • Maintaining correct body posture
  • Sleeping or resting with a straight spine
  • Doing neck exercises regularly
  • Incorporating proper form and technique during exercise

24. Without a doubt, deep tissue massage is indeed an effective approach to treat pain and stiffness in the neck.

25. Having no medicinal or drug usage for the treatment, the chances of any potential side effects also get eliminated. Moreover, following a deep tissue massage, the agility of the muscles in the neck area will also improve.

26. This will enable the patient to revert to his/her normal level of physical activity.


The significant release of stiffness and tension in the neck with deep tissue massage can contribute to feeling more relaxed.

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