How Does Massage Therapy Work?

How Does Massage Therapy Work?

Massage therapy is a technique of skillful use of diverse bodily movements or devices on various parts of the body to enhance its condition. Massage therapy learns its way in a comprehensive domain of sports, medical, etc.

It’s not only limited to physical enhancement but it also helps in relieving stress and anxiety disorder.

1. Massage therapy is the use of controlled body motions on the soft tissues i.e. muscles, ligaments, lymphatic nodes, etc. to assist the body in physical and mental problems.

2. Massage has more elements than normally assumed. It is frequently misunderstood that massage is just thumping hits and barging low-intensity punches and it just cannot be more mistaken. A therapeutic massage has several movements like :

• Effleurage: It is the usage of strokes of variable intensity by hand, palms, and forehands. 

• Petrissage: It’s the technique of rolling and kneading tissues. 

• Friction: This involves rubbing the tissues generating warmth to heal them. 

• Tapotement: This includes the rhythmic tapping of cupped hands, fists and fingers. 

• Vibration: This generally is performed by using a machine to deliver gentle vibrations to relax knots.

3. The use of such controlled movements requires a high level of skill.

 4. A therapeutic massage can also consist of other elements like the use of music, power naps, and fragrances depending upon individuals which can greatly augment its benefit. There is no better experience than music, fragrance, and massage together.

5. Every type of massage holds a special power to treat a specific type or a broad variety of problems. Few of which are listed below.

6. Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is the most widespread type of massage therapy in use. This therapy includes the use of massage oil and coordinated rhythmic hand movements to relieve tough spots, muscle tension, and knots.

7. The strokes are aimed at the direction of blood flow thereby refining blood circulation. This massage is widely regarded as the traditional massage.

8. Aromatherapy: The name is quite self-explanatory. This therapy is inclusive of massage oil and aromatic natural extracts sometimes accompanied by scented candles too in the modern time.

9. This therapy unearths its roots in ancient Egypt. Fusing aroma into massage rejuvenates energy and relaxes the body. Depending upon the disease, different aromas are used to obtain optimum results.

10. Craniosacral therapy: This therapy revolves around a slightly different theme from others. It acknowledges the power of tender and gentle touch.

11. Such movements are used to examine the membrane and fluid in the central nervous system and restore its health in turn dealing with sleep disorders and irregular sleep habits.

12. Deep tissue massage: This massage includes the use of prolonged pressure with slow and long-deep strokes using hands, knuckles, and elbows. This pattern enables it to target the deep and inner lying tissues and vitalities.

13. It primarily focuses on rectifying bad posture, chronic joint and muscle pain, stressed tissues, and knots. It also helps to increase the blood circulation in the affected area thereby speeding up the healing process.

14. Sports massage: This is a blend of many techniques popular among athletes. It borrows techniques from acupuncture therapy, Swedish and deep tissue massage, etc.

15. An athlete always needs to push his/her body to perform better and this therapy helps them to boost their performance. The various methods are used pre-game to relax muscles and prevent possible injuries. 

16. It also helps athletes recover after the game and lowers pain and stiffness.

17. The benefits of massage therapy are as follows :

• Massage therapy relaxes the body and provides you with a feeling of calmness 

• Alleviates anxiety and depression

• Boost the immune system and get rid of irregularities in sleep 

• It helps to keep stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in check

• Accelerates the natural healing

• Annihilate toxins 

• Loosen up the muscles and promote flexibility and mobility 

• Reduce fatigue and weariness of the body 

• Eases muscle, tissue, and joint pain.

18. Massage Therapy is often seen as the luxury and joy of only the rich. But it’s widely misunderstood. Massage therapy is rather a clinically accepted form of treatment and rehabilitation of treated. 

19. It’s the most revered medication for muscle and joint pain be it chronic or acute like tennis elbow, muscle sprain, arthritis to name a few. 

20. Other than physical condition, it helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression among people with chronic illnesses like cancer undergoing intense medication. 

21. Treatment of hypertension, insomnia, headaches, migraine lies within massage therapy.

22. It is also used to rehabilitate people who suffered major sports injuries, surgeries, and even heart bypass.

23. Massage therapy is a potent treatment for many forms of diseases and illnesses and should be respected just like every other form of medication.


Massage therapy is indeed the go-to solution for all your relaxation and overall well-being of your body. 

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