How Los Angeles Chiropractor Provides Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

Los Angeles Chiropractor

Do you think only aged people suffer from back pain? Certainly not!. Reports and surveys conducted worldwide show that more and more teenagers and young people experience back pain too. Los Angeles Chiropractor delivers the latest chiropractic care to treat back pain. 

From professional athletes to working professionals, having back pain can drastically hamper the quality of their lives.

With an aching back, even walking may become tedious and painful. By gulping pills or taking painkillers, one can not get permanent relief from back pain. For the best results, one should seek chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatment treats back pain in a holistic way. Various techniques used during the treatment facilitate an enduring recovery from the pain as well as the muscle damage.

They don’t rely upon medicinal usage but resort to manual techniques such as spinal manipulation to ensure providing significant recovery from back pain.

1. The intensity of back pain is always heterogeneous among patients. For some, it’s merely slight achiness. But in critical cases, it becomes a potential roadblock to someone’s day-to-day lifestyle.

2. However, regardless of the intensity of pain, back pain shouldn’t be taken lightly. The patient should seek an appointment with his/her chiropractor to ensure getting the required treatment at the earliest.

3. The patient’s first visit to the chiropractor for back pain relief is more of a brainstorming discussion between both parties.

Chiropractors assess the condition and severity of the pain that the patient is going through. The discussion involves questions regarding:

• Patient’s lifestyle (sedentary/active)
• Pain history
• Duration of pain
• Instances when the pain occurs

4. The discussion gives the chiropractor a basic overview of their patient’s condition. Following the discussion, the chiropractor then asks the patient to do such moments that reveal to him/her the acuteness and type of pain.

5. The chiropractor also presses some points and exert slight pressure on the back to pinpoint the injured back muscle/muscle group.

6. After referring to X-ray and MRI reports, things get clearer to the chiropractor regarding the pain. The chiropractor then designs a treatment plan for the patient.

7. Though the exact causes leading to back pain are quite complex, some common among them are:

• Sports injuries
• Muscle strain/pull
• Traumatic Accident
• Sitting in a wrong posture for long hours

8. Spinal manipulation is carried out to revert the effect of subluxation or spinal misalignment. Subluxation disturbs the alignment of the spine in the vertebrae that leads to certain flaws in the central nervous system.

9. The compound output of all these mishaps is sore and miserable back pain. To carry out spinal manipulation, the chiropractor exerts controlled thrust on some points on the back.

10. They use their hands to do so. It takes chiropractors years of consistent practice and training to master this technique.

11. The applied pressure pushes the spine back into its original position. With this, the hampered nervous system also gets restored. At this point, the patient gets instant relief from the pain.

12. This is mainly because of the correct positioning of the spine and the proper working of the nervous system. The next step in the treatment is to ease down the high inflammation and tightness in the muscles.

14. Certain techniques and equipment are used by the chiropractor to aid muscle recovery following spinal manipulation.

15. One such effect technique is electric stimulation. This technique entails sending electric currents of controlled magnitude to the recovering muscles via electric wires.

16. By contracting the muscles, electric stimulation lowers down high muscle inflammation and tightness, thus accelerating the recovery.

17. Some other techniques used during the treatment are:

• Acupuncture
• TRANS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
• Therapeutic ultrasound.
• Cold Laser
• Interferential current

18. For the recovery to be long-lasting, the chiropractor also designs a customized exercise/rehab plan for the patient.

18. A trained coach supervises the patient constantly to ensure that the patient reaps the maximum benefits of rehab exercises.

19. Doing exercise and performing rehab moments is a significant part of recovery. It aids the patient in many ways such as:

• By improving range of motion
• By increasing muscle flexibility
• By increasing muscle strength and stability
• By triggering muscle memory

20. In addition, patients are usually recommended to undergo heat/cold therapy periodically. By relaxing muscles and reducing muscle fatigue, it serves as an important pillar for recovery.

21. Chiropractic treatment usually lasts for 15-20 days. But it all depends on the severity of pain and pace of recovery of the patient.

22. Here are a few key points to considered post-treatment by patients:

• Having the right posture
• Incorporating proper form and technique while working out
• Maintaining proper diet and nutrition
• Doing icing or applying a hot pack to the recovered muscle for a few days to avoid soreness


Back pain isn’t merely a pain that will get cured on its own. It demands one’s immediate attention to ensure that it gets treated on time.

The effectiveness of chiropractic care in curing back pain among patients has been drastic.

Book an appointment today at CRM Wellness and get yourself treated by the expert chiropractors in Los Angeles.

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