How Massage Therapy Can Help With Muscle Growth?

Optimum muscle growth lays the foundation for better physical health and overall body strength. Besides a good diet and nutrition, massage therapy can also be quite a crucial factor for the progress of muscle growth in professional athletes as well as bodybuilders.

It is a great way to reduce muscle fatigue which leads to better recovery and better performance.

Massage therapy heals the muscle fibers from the wear and tear they have suffered during a workout or any other physical activity. This reduces the intense tension and inflammation in the soft muscle tissues and helps them to quickly recover.

Let us understand how massage therapy contributes to muscle growth:

1. As muscle fibers heal from the post-workout strains, the tissues usually come even closer to each other than they were before. This limits the area of expansion of muscles.

2. This may decrease the flexibility of muscles which will eventually hinder their range of motion.

3. Owing to a short range of motion and low flexibility, the muscles are not able to function properly during training sessions. It can also cause muscle tightness and triggers injuries.

4. Massage therapy will stretch those closely-packed muscle fibers thereby easing muscle tension. The muscles would then be able to lengthen and will also become more flexible.

5. High degree of flexibility between muscles will enable them to expand properly. This will support having a proper form and technique during workout which will lead to better muscle growth.

6. Proper form and technique not only contributes to muscle growth but also avoids the chances of suffering from any potential injury owing to improper technique or form while performing a particular movement.

7. Increased muscle tension can also have a drastic impact on the performance of compound movements and movements demanding high muscle flexibility and mobility.

8. This may restrict the athlete to reap the benefits of compound movements in terms of muscle growth and developing more strength.

9. Muscle tension can also lead to a lack of muscle activation during such movements.

10. A massage therapist will reduce the tension between the muscles which will allow them to get activated while doing compound movements.

11. Better muscle activation during compound movements would make muscles even stronger.

12. Intense and vigorous workout sessions can also cause athletes and weightlifters to suffer from muscle pain and achiness.

13. This pain can be the effect of microscopic tears in muscle tissues as well as the formation of lactic acid within the muscles during workouts and training.

14. Muscle pain can compel the athlete or weightlifter to stop training and resort to rest. Not only will this hamper their muscle growth but also leads to stress for not being able to train themselves.

15. In some cases, such pain can even escalate to serious injuries. Such a condition can stretch the rest period to long durations. Muscle loss in such cases is bound to happen.

16. Massage therapists use various techniques that provide relief to athletes and weightlifters from muscle aches and pain. Some of these techniques are:

  • Kneading
  • Skin rolling
  • Deep Strokes

17. Relief from pain and muscle soreness will not only enable them to resume training but will also increase their morale and motivation levels.

18. Ultimately, they will lift with even more energy that will lead to better performance and more muscle growth.

19. Getting a post-workout massage can also improve blood circulation in the body.

20. Quick blood circulation will carry more oxygen to worn-out muscles after a vigorous workout. With adequate oxygen supply, the muscles are repaired and healed.

21. A good muscle recovery will prepare the body for the next workout session and show amazing results in terms of muscle growth.

22. Massage therapists can also provide relief from various other musculoskeletal issues that could be a potential roadblock to muscle growth in athletes and weightlifters such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Stiffness in shoulders
  • Tight hamstrings
  • Neck ache

23. Massage therapy helps athletes and weightlifters to feel even more happy and calm after workout sessions. A calm and happy mind will promote better sleep. Better sleeps thus leads to muscle hypertrophy.


Vigorous workout and training hours cause a lot of wear and tear to muscles. It also triggers muscle tension and causes pain in muscles.

Muscle therapy will ensure to ease the muscle tensions and help you on your path of muscle growth.

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