How Massage Treatment Helps With Stress Management

How Massage Treatment Helps With Stress Management

A quick and refreshing massage is exactly what the body sometimes needs to get relief from stress. It is indeed an effective way to relax the entire body and mind by lowering stress levels. A good massage can reduce both physical and mental stress.

Let us understand how massage therapy helps to manage stress:

1. Muscle tension is usually a result of:

  • An injury or pain
  • Overuse of a particular muscle
  • Over-exhaustion of the body

2. A trained massage specialist presses the muscles with gentle and soft hands. This puts slight pressure on the soft muscle tissues. Such slight pressure improves blood circulation near that area and this leads to a “relaxation response” in the body.

3. In the state of the relaxation response, the breathing rate of the patient slows down. The blood pressure also reduces. This eventually lowers the production of the stress hormone known as ‘cortisol’ in the brain.

4. This ultimately reduces the higher stress level of the patient. The patient feels more relaxed and stress-free. Moreover, the reduction of muscle tension makes him/her feel more energetic, thereby reducing stress.

5. A relaxing body massage also increases the production of feel-good hormones (such as dopamine and serotonin) in the brain.

6. The production of these hormones in the brain eventually reduces the anxiety levels of the patient.

7. Massage also releases endorphins. The release of endorphins calms down the entire peripheral nervous system. A calm and relaxed peripheral nervous system enables better transmission of the feeling of calmness and relaxation between the nerves and the brain.

8. This eventually reduces the stress level of the patient and makes him/her happier and content.

9. Massage can also significantly reduce muscle and body pain. During a massage, natural pain killers are produced in the body. Also, a massage slows down the transmission of pain signals to the brain. It provides relief from pain.

10. A healthy parasympathetic nervous system helps the body to heal itself and foster a feeling of happiness and contentment. All these mitigate stress levels dramatically.

11. Various practices can be used by massage specialists to reduce stress levels. Such as:

  • Rubbing and pressing the skin
  • Manipulating muscles and tendons
  • Deep pressure
  • Light strokes
  • Kneading
  • Circular movements
  • Vibration and tapping

12. Types of massage therapies that can significantly lower down stress levels are:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep massage
  • Sports massage
  • Trigger point massage

13. A Swedish Massage is one of the most popular forms of massage. The massage therapist exerts pressure using deep circular movements, long strokes as well as tapping, and vibration. It eventually improves blood circulation and helps him/her feel stress-free and relaxed.

14. A Deep Massage involves more forceful strokes to target muscle damage and injuries. The treatment of the injuries eventually makes the patient stress-free.

15. A Sports Massage helps athletes reduce muscle fatigue. This happens as a result of hours of practice on and off the ground. Such muscle fatigue can remain even after proper diet and nutrition.

16. Reduction in muscle fatigue eventually reduces muscle tension. With this, the athlete can get relief from stress developed as a result of fatigue and muscle tension. It also makes him/her feel more energized and strong. Ultimately, his/her performance improves.

17. Over-exhaustion of the body can also lead to muscle tension. This is very common to happen to people who have hectic schedules.

18. The subduedness owing to over-exhaustion can hamper one’s productivity drastically. A massage ultimately eases down such muscle tension thereby eliminating over-exhaustion. This helps the person to deal with the mental stress owing to hampered productivity as well as over-exhaustion.

19. Nowadays, more and more people are dealing with issues such as neck pain, stiffness in the shoulders, and lower back pain resulting in a lot of physical stress.

20. A quick massage will provide instant relief from achiness, pain, and stiffness in these muscle groups. It will eventually relax down the entire body from the pain as well as the stress.

21. Getting a massage is indeed a great way to get rid of stress owing to muscle tension as well as other musculoskeletal issues. It is completely free from any kind of drug or medicinal usage. Thus, very few chances of any potential side effects. Besides, it’s quite light on the pocket too.


Stress is indeed a potential roadblock to a person’s productivity. It can also significantly hinder one’s mental peace. Massage therapy is the go-to solution that will help you to manage and get relief from the stress.

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