How To Self Release Your Neck And Shoulders?

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How Do You Self-Release Your Shoulders And Neck?

Numerous things can cause tension in your muscle tissue, from poor posture to overexertion. But what causes the most pain? Muscles that attach from the front of your neck to the forearms commonly get tightened if you’re sitting for long periods or working out after a stressful day at work. 

Many people ask a common question is “how to relieve a tight neck and shoulders?”. Some people resort to going to the gym and performing weight-bearing exercises such as barbell rows. In contrast, others buy expensive headgear that claims it can help with a “whiplash injury.”

But there’s no need for any of these methods. Instead, here are some simple stretches that you can do in the comfort of your own home given by the top Los Angeles Chiropractor.      

  1. Inflate your lungs and then visualize a balloon being inflated in your neck. An excellent way to do this is by using the example of blowing up a balloon. 
  1. As you visualize this, begin to breathe out of your mouth slowly. After you’ve fully blown out, roll your shoulders and neck in a circular motion for about two minutes. 
  1. Then inhale deeply and hold your breath for the same amount of time you blew out through your mouth. The exhaling process will help loosen tightened muscles.
  1. For the next exercise, make a fist with your hands and rub them back and forth along your shoulders. Roll your shoulders as you’re doing this to loosen the muscle tension.
  1. Many people have a habit of tensing their necks when they’re stressed out, so you must learn how to recognize when you are tensing these muscles and relax them by focusing on breathing until you feel more comfortable.
  1. Often, simply recognizing the positions that create tension and learning how to counteract it can help relieve pain. 
  1. Another excellent exercise for releasing tension is neck rolls. Begin by inhaling, and then as you exhale, slowly tilt your head to the right. Then, rotate it back to the middle and then leave without stopping. 
  1. Inhale deeply when you’ve reached your starting point and repeat the motion at least ten times. This movement will help loosen the muscles along your neck and stimulate blood flow, helping with muscle relaxation and reducing stress levels.
  1. For shoulders, try the shoulder rolls exercise. This exercise is pretty much the same as the shoulder raise, except it’s performed in motion. The motion is created by moving your shoulders around in various directions, not just up and down. 
  1. You can start by curling your shoulders up and down, then try rocking them from side to side while keeping your arms straight. Make sure that you’re maintaining good posture throughout this movement and avoid arching your back at all times.
  1. Another effective exercise is the Ear shoulder stretch. This is a pretty creative exercise that you can use to work on your upper back muscles while you’re standing up, trying to get some blood flow going through your body after a long day of sitting at a desk.
  1. What you’ll need for this exercise is a wall, a door frame, or any other stable vertical object that can support your weight. You also need something to rest your arms on.
  1. Place your arms on the supporting structure, and then rotate your shoulders so that they’re touching the surface of the supporting structure. Next, place your head against the wall, pointing it downwards while keeping your eyes open.
  1. Make sure that you do this without changing your posture – it’s essential to keep all of the pressure going through one point at all times.
  1. Lastly, we have shoulder raises. These are simple and clean, and they don’t require any equipment or help from anybody else. For this, sit or stand with your arms at the side. Then, slowly lift your shoulders to your ears. Now hold them for a few seconds and lower down your shoulders. Repeat. 
  1. Plus, they can be performed from virtually any position. They’re also excellent for working on your back muscles since the tension created during this exercise is transferred to your arms during a pull-up or row movement.
  1. To perfect these stretches, make sure that you do them to feel a good stretch at the top of your shoulders.


The human body is a great machine, who needs rest to function correctly. And while it might be tempting to ignore the mild aches of muscle strain, they can quickly escalate into chronic pain.

The modern world is designed with a lack of neck and shoulder support, which places unnecessary strain on the body.

Spine surgeons offer several simple exercises designed to stretch and maintain these areas and improve posture to combat this problem.

Doing these exercises when you feel aches in your neck or shoulders can help prevent muscle strains from worsening. 

Schedule an appointment with the Best Los Angeles Chiropractor and get holistic care for your body. 

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