Is Disc Prolapse Curable Through Chiropractic Treatment?

Is Disc Prolapse Curable Through Chiropractic Treatment

Spinal Disc issues are very common and they are considered as a part of the aging process. People who are constantly involved in physical activities, like athletes, often face disc issues frequently.

The bulging of the disc can be caused due to various reasons like insufficient nutrition and water to the disc, lifting heavy with incorrect technique, accidents, etc.

Bulging of the disc can turn painful with time and it needs proper treatment to keep the pain in control. Chiropractic treatment can significantly help in treating disc prolapse.

Let’s understand how. 

1. Our spine has a set of 33 vertebrae. The spinal vertebral column consists of spinal discs between them that act as shock absorbers and help in bending and twisting movements of the body.

2. These intervertebral discs are made up of an outer layer of tough cartilage and inside a soft material called the nucleus pulposus. When the disc prolapses, the outer fibers of the intervertebral discs are ruptured.

3. While the difference between a herniated/prolapsed disc and a bulging disc is that in a bulging disc only a quarter of the outer cartilage is involved.

4. Whereas, in a prolapsed disc, the outer cartilage of the disc cracks and lets the inner soft material step out.

5. This bulging or herniation of the disc causes pressing of the nerves around the spine, especially the sciatic nerve. Since these spinal nerves run down the leg, it leads to severe radiating leg pain. In the case of cervical disc prolapse, arms are the areas of pain.

6. Other pains due to disc prolapse consist of;

  • Tingling and numbness in one or both legs. 
  • Muscle weakness of legs
  • Pain while bending or twisting 
  • Pain while lifting heavy 
  • Radiating pain in arms and forearms (in case of cervical disc prolapse)

7. To treat all these consequences of a prolapsed disc, the non-invasive way of using chiropractic treatment can help relieve the pain.

8. Chiropractic treatment for a prolapsed disc generally involves the initial diagnosis done by the chiropractor. The chiropractor may ask a few questions about your pain history, conduct some physical tests and tests that involve nerve function, muscle tones, and reflexes.

9. You may also be asked to take an MRI or X-Ray test to further figure out the disc that has been prolapsed.

10. Since the goal of chiropractic treatment is to align the spine, the chiropractor will create a program of chiropractic adjustments that will target the overall spine rather than focusing on the pain areas.

11. This is because your spinal issues are probably because of spinal misalignments and improper posture. So the chiropractor will work on improving it initially.

12. The chiropractic adjustments for disc prolapse will also include the use of low-force techniques to manipulate the spine. Using this technique contributes to relieving the pain near the herniated disc.

13.  Apart from spinal manipulation techniques, the chiropractor may also use the traction method to treat your pain.

14. In the traction method, a traction machine is used that will have a weight to be tied to your waist. The weight is left down in the line of your waist with the help of a bed. This pulls off the pressure of the disc and decompresses the spine.

15. Decompressed spinal column allows the disc to occupy the space and prevents it from bulging outwards. Cervical or lumbar traction machines are used in this process.

16. These chiropractic adjustments are decided based on the severity of your disc prolapse. With consistent chiropractic sessions, a reduction in pain can be seen.

17. Also, the chiropractor may instruct you on what postures to maintain while sitting, standing, and lifting objects. Following those instructions will help you in preventing the pain.


If you are facing radiating pain in your arms or legs, or face pain during lifting heavy, it probably can be a disc bulge or prolapse. 

Rather than treating it with drugs and surgeries, going for non-invasive and drug-free chiropractic treatment is always recommended. 

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