Will Physiotherapy Los Angeles Help In Treating Frozen Shoulder?

Will Physiotherapy Help In Treating Frozen Shoulder?

Physiotherapy Los Angeles for Frozen shoulder is a medical condition that causes pain and stiffness in and around the shoulder joint and tissues. The bones, ligaments, and muscles are enveloped in a capsule of connective tissues. Frozen shoulder occurs when this capsule thickens hindering movement.

It can be provoked by arm injuries, recovery from surgeries, immobility of joints, and inflammation. If left unattended, its severity keeps on increasing.

Let us understand how physiotherapy Los Angeles helps in treating frozen shoulders.  

1. Physiotherapy Los Angeles is the first-line treatment for frozen shoulders. Physiotherapy inclusive of exercises is highly recommended by professionals to effectively treat frozen shoulders. It’s very effective to reduce pain, mobilize the shoulder and increase its extent of movement.

2. Frozen shoulder is considered to be a chronic medical condition and physiotherapy is the most appropriate method of treatment for such patients to attain a complete recovery and lead a healthy life thereafter.

3. Physiotherapy is often misconceived as only massages, exercises, and physical treatment. However, physiotherapy has more avenues to it than one can imagine.

4. Physiotherapy is a very broad domain of constitutional principles of promoting fitness, healthy lifestyle, disease awareness, prevention of health issues, treatment, and rehabilitation of treated.

5. It substantiates the magical idea of involving the patient in the promotion and management of physical and mental health, lifestyle, and social well-being.

6. Physiotherapy is one such treatment method that guides the patient from the entirety of diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation.

7. A physiotherapist can diagnose a patient with a frozen shoulder by monitoring the decreased pattern of a movement called the ‘capsular pattern’.  Along with it, the medical history of the patient is also observed.

Frozen shoulder typically undergoes four different stages: Physiotherapy Los Angeles

  • Pre freeze: Moving the shoulders results in slight pain and with time pain rises sharply discouraging the movement of the shoulders.
  • Freezing: The pain exponentially increases resulting in loss of mobility and a sudden spike in pain during the night.
  • Frozen: The extent of motion is greatly decreased by this point. The flexibility of shoulder joints is also highly lost. Patients are likely to avoid any attempts of movements out of the fear of pain.
  • Thawing: The pain starts to subside and the ability to move the shoulders starts getting restored likely due to physiotherapy and daily exercises.

9. After a diagnosis of frozen shoulder, the first thing to do is deter the loss of motion and soothe the patient of pain. The use of hot bag compress, acupuncture techniques, and manual treatment helps to minimize the pain and relieves the patient.

10. Physiotherapy will use a combination of motion exercise and hands-on physical therapies to bolster shoulder mobility and alleviate the pain. Heat and ice treatments are also used to relax the muscles.

11. Patients are also given various gentle home exercises to reduce loss of motion. Though, being over-aggressive with the motion can worsen the problems.

12. Use of a hot bag is vital before the exercises to relax the shoulder joints preventing any further damage due to motion exercises.

13. Hence, a specific routine is formulated taking into account the symptoms and severity to optimize the range of motion and ensure a safe recovery.

14. Witnessing improvement, stretching exercises will be recommended to gain back the strength loss of the core muscles and increase flexibility which will ultimately lead the patient to natural life.

15. Specific exercises and therapies will be worked upon separately to mobilize the directions that are limited and try to eliminate the last specks of the medical condition.

16. Even after recovery, rehabilitation can be accomplished sooner with physiotherapy and accelerates the return of the patient to normalcy preventing further chances of reinstatement.

17. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in the treatment of several medical conditions. Its main aim is to treat and rehabilitate the patient in the shortest possible time and return life to normalcy.

18. Physiotherapy is an integral therapy form to diseases like arthritis, chronic pain, back pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis, sprains, etc. to name a few.


Physiotherapy is a highly effective medication against frozen shoulders and patients can return to normalcy with proper physio care. 

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