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All of our tissue ages, and the speed at which it does is determined by environmental factors, and the things that we do to ourselves like getting exposed to the sun, smoking etc. With aging, gravity wins. We lose our tissue elasticity, and it begins to fall, different colours start to appear, we see wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and in other words, begin to look old. Age gets to all of us, some faster than the other.

One of the primary reasons for this is that the collagen production in our body decreases as we age. Collagen is the set of proteins in the body that are the main structural elements of the skin and other connecting tissues. With it less in supply, the existing skin tends to lose its strength, tightness, and lustre, and is where regenerative medicine like Platelet Rich Plasma come into play.

Also known as PRP, this treatment helps to reverse the effect caused by aging. Extracting PRP from your own blood, it helps in healing without scars or any visible deformation. The platelets are tropically injected into targeted areas to reduce wrinkling, and bring back glowing skin, by naturally stimulating collagen production in the surrounding area via micro-needling.

The combination of collagen, protein from the plasma, and healing properties of platelets works magic on rejuvenating the skin. It can also be injected along with fillers. You will see the visible results in rejuvenated collagen with a single procedure.

Benefits of PRP for Skin Rejuvenation

  1. Restore fresh, youthful look
  2. Reduces wrinkling
  3. It is natural looking and lasts for as long as years
  4. It is non-invasive and natural
  5. Prevents pain and swelling
  6. Best looking result with less downtime.

Eventually, we all want to look our best. And most often, it is more for ourselves than anybody else. Our skin has taken the beating of everything we’ve done so far, it is time to give it back now. Don’t let Gravity win. Book your appointment and see how even a single session can work wonders for you.

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