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Either an alternative to surgery, or in combination with it, PRP treatment is like injecting a magical potion in your body to solve all your problems. Yet, this “magical potion” is only a component of your own blood, freely flowing in your body.

Platelets are the element of your blood responsible for clotting, an essential part of the body’s healing process, and plasma, is essentially a mixture of protein and water in the blood that allow it to maintain its liquid, free-flowing nature. When injected into an affected area, the two work hand in glove – protein boosting the regeneration of damaged tissue and platelets accelerating the healing process.

Benefits of PRP therapy:

  1. Low-risk treatment:Like stem cell therapy, PRP uses your own blood to treat you, thereby eliminating the risk of foreign bodies being injected into your system and reacting negatively .
  2. Helps the Natural healing process: PRP, as a process, takes advantage of the body’s natural healing process, working as a stimulant to get it back in action, and providing the necessary raw material to facilitate the process.
  3. Convenient: PRP, much like stem cell therapy, is a convenient process with no down-time, no surgery or highly invasive and complicated procedures, and no extreme side-effects.
  4. Quick recovery time & Long-lasting results:PRP therapy takes about the same time you take to overcome the soreness after waxing, or being mildly bruised. This is due to the injections. There is no other major post-treatment discomfort that is felt. The results of the treatment however, show on basis of the body’s natural ability to heal – but are highly noticeable in a few weeks, and extremely long-lasting .

Our Treatments

PRP, although relatively new in the medical world, has been showing super results in the areas of treating chronic pain, skin rejuvenation, and hair transformation. Many have regretted not knowing of this option until it was too late. Don’t be one of them. If you are someone who is suffering from chronic pain, male pattern baldness, alopecia, acne, dull skin, wrinkles, or any other hair and skin condition, PRP might just be the simplest answer to your problems.

What to consider before PRP?

  1. You must do it from a certified doctor only
  2. There are some medicines that you cannot at the time of getting this treatment. Please consult with your doctor for the same before you begin
  3. Because it entails drawing out blood, it is recommended that you have eaten something before your session to avoid feeling lightheaded or dizzy
  4. If your platelet count is abnormally low, this treatment must be avoided
  5. If you have certain infections, or conditions like anemia, or cancer, you will not be eligible for the treatment

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