As science has progressed over the years, different forms of medical treatments have rapidly emerged. Although varied in procedure and how it impacts your body, we can broadly classify them as cures that treat the symptom, and cures that go to the root of the problem and solve that itself. In case of the latter, there is always the chance that the symptom is showing due to a cause located in an unexpected, seemingly unrelated part of the body. And this is why expert care becomes essential.

A blend of science and engineering, regenerative medicine is a kind of medicine that falls under the second category mentioned above: focusing on solving the cause of the problem by replacing the tissues that have been affected by it, and facilitating re-growth of fresh ones. Although the human body does have its own internal mechanisms for doing the exact same thing, there are many tissues and components that need additional help to kindle the process. By themselves, these tissues do not have the capacity to regenerate themselves in case of damage or injury, but when stimulated, show better, and more long-lasting results.

Benefits of Regenerative Treatment

  1. Less painful: In many cases, regenerative medicine can be picked as a far less painful, non-invasive, and beneficial treatment as compared to surgery.
  2. Saves time: As a procedure, most regenerative treatments are carried out via injections – which makes the treatment time faster. 
  3. Convenient: Regenerative medicine can be carried out at your time, in a clinic like CRM Wellness that offers the service. You don’t need hospitalization, medication, or general anesthesia, before, during, or after the treatment
  4. Proven to show great results: It is a low-risk treatment because all regenerative procedures use cells or plasma from your own body, re-injected to the necessary area to stimulate the growth of tissue there.

Types of Regenerative Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma / PRP:
Blood is drawn out from the body, put in a centrifuge where the plasma is extracted from it, and then re-injected in the area to be treated.

Regenerative Therapy: Stem cells are the only cells in the body that can produce more stem cells, or cells for specialized tasks. These are extracted from the bones, or other parts of the body, and re-injected to the area which is to be treated.

What We Offer

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With experts in the field of regenerative medicine, the varied benefits, and previously seen results, it seems to be one of the most viable, and effective solutions to many problems that otherwise cause immense trouble to your day to day life. Don’t let them be a problem anymore. Reach out to us at CRM Wellness and let us take care of it all for you.

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