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We are born with millions and millions of stem cells that are attached to our capabilities. However, as we age, these stem cells become dormant or non-functional. After we have reached full bone growth, i.e, late teens or early twenties, only 10% of the stem cells remain active to help us heal. In other words, beyond a certain age, our bodies begin to descend down a path of degeneration.

But those dormant stem cells are still lying inside our bodies. Most recently, doctors have been studying these cells and found a way by which they can be put back to use by extracting and transplanting them to parts of your body that might need help. These cells are then activated via stimulation to begin a process of regeneration of tissue, reducing inflammation and restoring normal functions.

Stem cells are the only type of cells in the body that can produce more stem cells, or be transformed into specialized cells such as heart muscle cells, blood cells or nerve cells. These transplants use adult stem cells or umbilical cord blood. These specialised cells are then implanted into the patient that require treatment of that kind.

Benefits of Regenerative therapy

  1. Helps in treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s
  2. Heals incisions and wounds by enhancing the growth of new healthy skin tissue, collagen production.
  3. Also helps in treating cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases & orthopaedic conditions.

Like stem cells, transplanted tissue can also help your body with:

  1. Reduction or Elimination of pain
  2. Reducing Inflammation
  3. Minimize soft tissue growth
  4. Promoting soft tissue growth
  5. Generating new bone, cartilage, muscle ligament or nerve growth.

The tissues used are often immune, which means you can receive without any matching requirements.

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